Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Into the Deep

Today (in my mind) marks the day where we begin the delicate, strategic, and sometimes terrifying navigation through the New York education system.
Ella had her first day of what I like to call Preschool Lite. A 90 min. class broken up into large motor time (that's preschool speak for the playground,) snack and free choice (Ella chose art and lining up farm animals.) The morning is guided by a teacher and the parents.
Since we are enrolled in the parent toddler program we don't have to line up at 6am like a chorus call for Lion King at the Apollo for regular preschool registration in January. We get a week head start. Which is why we are doing the class, well... And other things like academics and stuff. This place was on my radar before I was even married let alone had kids. All that being said I still have a list of other places to look at and tour. I even have a list of elementary schools although Ella is not 2 yet. Looking ahead is imperative.
I am convinced that we can give Ella a good education without spending 35 thousand dollars a year to do it.
Yes friends. 35 thousand dollars.
Here we go New York! I accept the challenge!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Blessings for Baseball, bananas, and Boker Tov

"Back in the olden days before Jews lived on the upper west side. They lived in tents and were kind of like cowboys. They wore boots and stetsons, and in the morning (when there was a bright golden haze on the meadow) and before they would even say boker tov they would come outside of their tents and shout Yeehaw!" said the Rabbi this morning.

I love Rosh Hashanah. I love making all the food, it's better than the January New Year. It's a wonderful time for reflection and renewal as we go into the fall and winter months. Since Michael and I have been married we celebrate with our urban family, our wayward Jewish and non Jewish friends here in New York. The last two years we have celebrated as well with the lovely Ella.

Today we went to the children's service at our Synagogue and had a great time. This year the parents were on good behavior and there were much fewer women wearing stilettos that would puncture the little darlings toddling across the floor. Not so last year.

Last year the hard working Rabbi's didn't stand a chance against the upper west side elite. The children's service was fashion show/social hour. Meh

This year, well meaning adults and their children and grandchildren did their best to listen and enjoy the wonderful child centric service. When it came to the part of the service to talk about what everyone was thankful for one mom raised her hand and said "I'm thankful for a wonderful children's service that we can enjoy with our kids." I second that, lady. Her son was thankful for Banana's. To each his own.

The rabbi was funny, and engaging. He told the tales behind the prayers that we say, and told them in a a way that everyone found the humor, terror, and wonder of the old stories. We had warm ups, and snack time, and Ella's timer was up just after the Torah parade, but luckily they did the shofar portion of the service (the Shofar player dude had just a quick min. to spare away from the adult service.) So we hit the highlights this year, and didn't have to fear for Ella's fingers and toes!

Happy New Year!
L'Shana Tova!

I am thankful for my family and friends, our continued good health, and that we have jobs, and a roof over our head.